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Finding order in the political chaos.

Graham cuts through the chaos to deliver the clarity you need to understand Canada’s most dynamic province.

Your front row seat to the Canadian political scene

Graham Thomson, Unleashed.

For three decades at the CBC and Edmonton Journal, Graham Thomson covered Alberta politics with insight, intelligence and humour. Now that he’s hung out his shingle as an independent commentator, he’s got a new, fresh approach – frank and unfettered.

Political Commentating

One of the most respected members of the Alberta Press Gallery, Graham’s work as a political commentator can be read, watched or listened to on CBC, iPolitics, Alberta Views Magazine, or on Graham’s must read blog – coming soon, watch for the announcement.

Public Speaking

Need a talk tailored to the unique needs of your audience? Join the likes of the AUMA, ATA, Public School Board Association of Alberta, Alberta Chambers of Commerce, the Alberta Real Estate Association and contact Graham for your next event, email