Letter to the War Room Snitching on the misinformed.


I realize you’ve called yourself the “Canadian Energy Centre” since opening shop last fall, but we all know you’re the War Room as promised in the United Conservative Party’s platform during the 2019 provincial election campaign. And you have declared war on what Premier Jason Kenney has called the “campaign of lies, of defamation and disinformation based on torqued, dated, incomplete and out of context attacks on our energy sector.”

It’s your job—thanks to a $30-million budget from the citizens of Alberta—to tell the “truth” about our oil industry.

On that note, I feel like a bit of a snitch, but as a concerned Albertan I feel it’s my duty to pass along some disturbing information. Someone is spreading misinformation about Alberta’s oil sands industry. This is also a bit awkward for me to point out… but it’s Kenney himself.