A message from Graham Thomson

The Power of Politics and the Press

Politics has always affected us.

But for many the impact was invisible and ethereal. Until the pandemic came.

Then politics hit us like a thunderbolt.

Politicians declared emergencies, shut down businesses, quarantined citizens. And began spending vast amounts of money to keep people and companies afloat.

Caught in an unprecedented health emergency, the politicians are making things up as they go along. They are simultaneously walking a tightrope and running a gauntlet.

Hence my decision to launch this website.

I’m still focused on politics: Canadian politics in general and Alberta politics in particular. And how those two levels of government affect your life every day.

I’m here to shed light and provide context.

As you’ll notice, my web site was designed before the pandemic hit, back before social distancing when I was also promoting myself as a public speaker on all things political. For now my services are virtual, and one day soonish, I hope to be back with you in person.

But my web site is also a repository for my columns that appear regularly with the CBC, iPolitics and Alberta Views Magazine.

And there’s a blog.

Take a look around. Let me know what you think.


Graham cuts through the chaos to deliver the clarity you need to understand Canada’s most dynamic province.